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Waste Management

Kerbside Collection Service

Image of red lid bin

The District Council of Orroroo Carrieton kerbside waste and recycling collection system consist of two bins:

  • 140 litre bin for rubbish for landfill (Red lid) - collected weekly on Mondays

  • 240 litre bin for recycling (Green lid) - collected fortnightly  on Thursdays

New Waste Calendar  2021/2022

Waste Management

Council provides many waste disposal services in our small community.

Wheelie bins are provided to all township properties for a weekly collection of household garbage and recycling for an annual fee.

Additional bins can be requested for an annual charge.

(These bins are the property of the Council and must remain on the property they are allocated to)

The Orroroo Refuse Depot is under contract with Mr Colin Dawes.

Opening Hours

Wednesday 3 pm to 5 pm

Friday 1 pm to 3 pm

Sunday 10 am to 2 pm

Please note that on days of extreme temperatures (eg 40C plus) opening times will be:

Wednesday & Friday 9am to 11am

Sunday 8am to 12 noon

The Depot will be shut on Fire Ban Days & when too windy and/or wet

The Depot can be made available after hours for a charge of $20 by contacting Mr Colin Dawes on 0428 865 810. For Businesses charge is waived.

It may also be closed on days of extreme heat or extremely windy conditions.
To satisfy environmental and licensing conditions, promote recycling (where feasible) and maintain operating costs (rates etc.) at a minimum, all persons using the dump facility are required to sort their 'waste' and deposit it into the designated areas.

These being:
1) General household mixed waste (plastics, glass, foil etc)
2) Paper and cardboard, garden waste, trees and timber (must be clean)
3) All Scrap Metals
4) Concrete, bricks, stone, landfill etc.

Tyres and Asbestos are not permitted to be deposited. Tyres many be delivered to the local garages and Asbestos is to be taken to Peterborough Refuse Depot.

Batteries are allowed to be disposed of at the Orroroo Refuse Depot, but we prefer them to be taken to Dews Meats, where the Orroroo & District Health Service provides a recycling service.

Waste Reduction Tips

KESAB Waste Reduction Information

Recycling Depot

A facility with the capacity to receive all cardboard, paper, magazines, recyclable plastics, bubble and shrink wrap is now open and located on Fifth Street, Orroroo (adjacent to the Council Works Depot).

All materials deposited in the depot will be recycled into new materials. Importantly the Recycling depot will reduce the recurring costs associated with maintaining a land fill, the amount of litter scattered in the community and make a measurable contribution to the sustainability of our environment.

Availability and Access

This facility is open 24 hours per day 7 days per week to encourage the most effective and complete collection or recyclable materials. The depot is accessed through a sliding door adjacent to the Council Works Depot.

Depositing Recyclable Materials

All materials can be deposited in the clearly labeled collection bins in the depot.

Accepted Materials

Cardboard Boxes

Must be broken or cut open and packed flat and placed in the appropriate container. No cardboard can be waxed coated and please remove staples if applicable.

Paper and Magazines

Must be packed flat and placed in the appropriate container

Bubble and Shrink Wrap

Must be deposited in the named wheelie bin "Bubble and Shrink Wrap Only"

Unacceptable Materials

To ensure that all cardboard and paper is not contaminated, please make certain that no plastic or metal is mingled in any way. Also no waxed coated cardboard, like milk cartons, no loose cardboard or paper or any other general waste can be deposited.

Further Information

Please contact the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton on 08 8658 1260 or email