Message from the Mayor

25th July 2022

t’s certainly great to have the main street facilities as good as fully functional. No doubt that had we not needed to have them usable throughout the entire renovation it would have been considerably easier for the builder to cope. Thank you all for your patience during the make over & thanks to Ian McKendrick on a job well done. We look forward to his work continuing on the new change rooms at the recreation ground.
The facility looks great and will no doubt add to our wonderful reputation in this area.
Likewise, the paving around the Woolshed is looking equally impressive. That section of the Second Street median strip had been crying out for some attention and no doubt the finished product will be something of which we can all be proud. The Settlers Trail stories are coming along also. I can’t wait until it’s all up and running and the story of Orroroo is available for whoever wants to see and listen to it.

Lastly, the Bypass is seeing some movement. It has been a saga and continues to throw up curved balls but we are persistent and it will get done. That will bring to a close the most prolific amount of infrastructure work ever seen in this Council area in such a short time. Councillors and staff look forward to settling into more normal Council business over the next few years while we all catch our breath.

Kathie  Image