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Community Feedback Weighbridge Road, Orroroo

7th July 2020

Council acknowledges the deteriorating condition of the sealed surface of Weighbridge Road. The seal on some sections of this road is more than 25 years old. Although the Viterra site is now permanently closed, this section of road has been subject to high volumes of heavy vehicle traffic over the years which has lessened the life of the bitumen seal.

Residents may be aware of the planned Orroroo Heavy Vehicle Bypass, which when delivered will completely replace the surface of Weighbridge Road. After several years of consultation and development this bypass has been recommended for special local roads funding in our region’s transport plan.

If successful the bypass construction could commence as soon as this financial year (2020/21).

Before the road can be replaced, Council would like feedback from the community in relation to their actual use of the road and views on the best management strategy of the road in disrepair.

Council welcomes your feedback by completing the short survey enclosed and returning it to the Council office at 17 Second Street by July 31st 2020.

Alternatively, the survey can be found online here. General written feedback can be submitted to attention the CEO. Please be assured that all feedback remains confidential and should you wish you can remain anonymous.

If you wish to discuss this matter further please contact me at the Council office on 8658 1260.