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Price Maurice Stage 2

The 4.3 km section of Price Maurice road was constructed and sealed in 2006/07 and is part of an important arterial road between Orroroo and Laura. With the large grain movements to the major silo facility at Gladstone, the section of road was experiencing significant pavement failures.

The road also has important social purpose in providing access for the community between the adjacent townships. In addition the road also provides important tourism access to the tourist facilities around Orroroo and to the Flinders Ranges. Price Maurice Road since its construction and sealing has linked into the regional and state plans and policies.

Road 1 Road 2

The purpose of this reconstruction project was to ensure that the road remained at an acceptable standard in order for these links to be retained. Stage 1 of this project in 2017/18 saw the reconstruction of 2.1 kilometres with the remaining 2.2 kilometres remaining for 2018/19. Stage 2 commenced just south of Pekina at the Booleroo Road, Price Maurice Road intersection and was split into three sections:

Sections (Length)LocationDescription of Works
666m20kms South of OrrorooOverlayed with crushed rock and sealed
1447m16kms South of OrrorooOverlayed with crushed rock and sealed
150m14kms South of OrrorooReseal only

The existing base course in these sections was reworked and compacted to form a sub-base layer.  A 150mm thick, base course layer was then placed and compacted with a 14/7mm 8 metre wide double seal riding surface applied.

Grant Approved / Income ($)499,033
Council Contribution ($)249,517
Total Cost ($)748,550
Actual Expenditure ($) - 30/6/2019748,550

Road 3 Road 4