The Sustainable Community Spaces Project

Based on successful sustainable energy projects in larger, neighbouring councils. The project installed customised solar energy systems in nine key community facilities to support their retention and ongoing sustainability by addressing energy costs and power reliability issues. Each of the facilities were identified by the community and recognised as having significant social and economic importance. Such facilities included the town hall, sporting clubrooms and recreational centres.

Project Outcomes

  • Improved energy reliability for community facilities
  • Contribute to the financial sustainability of community groups/organisations and local sporting clubs by reducing energy costs
  • Long term social benefits for the community; the retention of clubs and groups, and key infrastructure (i.e. community swimming pool) for future generations
  • Long term health and environmental benefits through improved energy usage and a sustainable approach
  • Short term economic benefits of contractor funds circulating within the community
  • Long term economic benefits resulting from energy savings, resulting in increased spend of clubs on other works, upgrades, events etc

Orroroo Solar Panels Orroroo Golf Club

Sustainable Community Spaces Project2018/19
Grant Approved / Income ($)133,151
Actual Expenditure ($) - 30 June 2019133,014
Variance to budget(137)