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Carrieton Community Store Project

Addressed critical upgrades and repair to roofing, guttering, ceiling, wall and fa├žade of the store to ensure its viability and continued operation. In partnership with the Carrieton Progress Association, local contractors including builder carpenters and electricians were engaged to deliver the works.

Efficiencies negotiated with relevant trades during the project also meant that the project could contribute to ongoing painting expenses.

Project Outcomes included:

  • Retention of the Carrieton Community store through essential upgrade and repairs
  • Retention of 3-4 part time jobs
  • Improved tourist services

Carrieton Store KitchenCarrieton Store RoofCarrieton Store Exterior

Carrieton Community Store2018/19
Grant Approved / Income ($)43,500
Actual Expenditure ($) - 30 June 201943,501
Variance to budget(1)