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Orroroo Community Waste Water System

The Community Waste Management Scheme (CWMS) project was for the design and construction of a new community wastewater management scheme within the township of Orroroo. The project has been an exciting new advance for Orroroo as it did not have any form of community wastewater treatment.

The project was the wastewater solution needed for businesses and the essential services to be sustainable and grow. A main spinal drain runs through the centre of town and collects the wastewater from the gravity drains and domestic pressure pumps that are connected to a number of commercial properties, school and the hospital. A rising main pipeline then transfers the wastewater from the pumping station to the wastewater treatment facility on Dump Road in Orroroo.  When at full capacity clean treated water from the lagoons is released through irrigation onto a woodlot.

All parts of the project are connected and fully operational. The total project cost was $1,582,008 for which $387,337 was provided by the Australian Government and $1,194,671 was provided by the South Australian Government though the CWMS managed by the Local Government Association of South Australia.

CWMS Dam Image

Back: Dylan Strong (CEO, District Council of Orroroo Carrieton), Taryn Dew (Dew’s Meats / Orroroo Kangaroo), Kym Bertram (Orroroo Caravan Park co-manager), Rob Wilson (Orroroo Hospital & Orroroo Community Home Maintenance Officer)

Front: Margaret Chapman (Admin Officer, District Council of Orroroo Carrieton), Barbara Nutt (Manager, Orroroo Community Home) and Christine Bertram (Orroroo Caravan Park Co-manager).