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Water Efficiency and Reuse Project

Developed to make improvements and repairs to Stage 1 of a stormwater harvesting and re-use project (which was completed in 2011). The stormwater is collected in a storage pond from where it is distributed for oval watering purposes.  The project achieved replacement of the stormwater dam liner, new pump and refurbished secondary pump.

Town Oval Town Oval Toilets

Town Oval Toilets 1 Pond

The project also achieved the connection of the Orroroo Clubroom amenities to the community wastewater management system (completed in June 2019). Through the employment of local tradespeople, the same public amenities were upgraded with water-wise fixtures and fittings, together with new tiles, cabinetry, external doors and painted throughout. These upgrades will ensure the amenities are more appropriate for home football games, and final games which attract significantly larger attendance.

Water retention is essential for the sustainability of the oval, particularly in more frequent and extended periods of dryness and drought. Connection of two toilet/changeroom locations at the oval to the Community Waste Water Management System (CWMS) will increase recycle opportunities in the future when infrastructure is in place and volumes are sufficient for treated waste water to be introduced into the stormwater storage pond to increase recycling capacity.

Project Outcomes

  • Short-term engagement of local and regional contractors in civil works and water distribution systems which extended for various periods over 3 to 4 months from March 2019
  • Improvement of water management infrastructure that will reduce flooding potential in heavy rainfall events
  • Long term social benefits for the community re: sporting facilities upgrade
  • Long term health benefits through better management of waste water and a sustainable approach that will ensure a quality sporting surface is maintained for physical activity & community events
  • Short term economic benefits of contractor funds circulating within the community
  • Long term economic benefits resulting from water savings at the oval facility and improved capacity for the oval and its facilities to be used for sporting events increasing visitation to the town
Water Efficiency and Reuse Project2018/19
Grant Approved / Income ($)205,600
Actual Expenditure ($) - 30 June 2019206,118
Variance to budget(518)