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The Giant Gum Tree

This magnificent example of red gum has statistics which could not be matched elsewhere. It is 10.4 metresGiant Gum Tree and Shelter 3 or 34 feet in circumference, and it climbs 6 metres or 20 feet before there is a fork in the trunk.

Giant Gum Tree and Shelter 1

Red Bridge

This structure was erected in 1882, prior to the opening of the railway line to Carrieton in that year. The line was opened to Orroroo in November 1881.

Red Bridge

Tank Hill Lookout

Water is gravitated from the concrete tank at the "lookout" to the town. From the tank an excellent view is obtained over the artesian basin in the valley of the Walloway plain, the reservoir and the township of Orroroo.

Lions Park

This community park is a small picnic area with free BBQ's, tables, toilets and plenty of shade. The duck pond, which is apart of the Pekina Creek, provides plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery, from where a walking trail commences to various sites of interest. On this walking trail the Aboriginal Carvings, Rock Poem and Reservoir can be sighted.

Rock Poem

Rock Poem

In 1896 and 1901 the poems were carved in a rock face in a secluded gully off the beautiful Pekina Creek. The author, Donald McDonald was departing to America where he hoped to exploit his invention of a crank driven push bike.

The Reservoir

The Reservoir was constructed in 1906. It originally held approximately 1,540 mega litres of water and was used by settlers for growing Lucerne and in dairies. In 1973 silt build up, insufficient rainfall and erosion caused the reservoir to be abandoned.

Aboriginal Carvings

These carvings have been estimated as being thousands of years old, and are thought to have included amongst them, directional signs setting out instructions or a map of food & water sources for aboriginals who came along at a later date.

Aboriginal Carvings

Early Settlers Cottage

Early Settlers Cottage (Solly's Hut)

The Early Settlers Cottage was one of the first buildings built in Orroroo and was bought from the Surveyor - General on 13 May 1880 by a Mr Henry Solly. Mr Solly was orginally from the Clare Valley and at the age of 49, moved to Orroroo with his second wife and child number nine. Open by appointment, please ring 08 8658 1012.

Goyders Line

In 1865 George Woodroffe Goyder was to lay down a map as near as possible to the line that separates the portion of South Australia where the rainfall has extended and where drought prevails. This line runs through the district and a monument can be viewed in the Morchard Parking Bay.

Walloway Train Memorial

On 16th November 1901 a north bound train with an engine driver and fireman aboard, carrying flour and copper ore and a south bound train also had a engine driver and a fireman aboard but was carrying 170 bullocks consigned by Sir Sydney Kidman, collided at Walloway. The firemen from both trains were killed. Many cattle were also lost. A memorial now stands along side the railway line at Walloway to remind us of this disaster.

Orroroo Memorial Hall

In 1880 the construction of the Orroroo Memorial Hall commenced. Some of the stone it is built from came from quarries above the reservoir, the brown sandstone came from Peterborough and the bricks from a local brick yard. In 1940 the District Council took over the management of the Hall and moved their offices from their previous premises on Fourth Street.

Find the Magpie

Take a walk around Orroroo. Find the magpie image located near historic buildings and discoverthe history of Orroroo.                                                                                                                                                                                              When all 12 magpies have been found complete the tear off section on the back of the brochure by entering the colour / object which is associated with the magpie display and present it to either Maggies Rendezvous or Orroroo Cafe & Take-away for a free cuppa with compliments of the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton.

Black Rock

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is a well known tourist attraction because of its ability to make vehicles roll uphill. Park your car at the bottom of the hill, put it in neutral and feel it roll UPHILL. Magnetic Hill is definitely worth a look - seeing is believing.

Magnetic Hill 1 Magnetic Hill 2








The Carrieton Rodeo is one of the biggest night Rodeos in South Australia. It is held annually in December and features some of Australia's best riders. Every year it attracts thousands of people from all over Australia.


The Campdraft and Gymkhana in Carrieton is a two day event which is held annually in the first week in November. The event attracts competitors and spectators from all around Australia.

Horse Shoe Range Mookra Tower

The Horseshoe Range gives you the opportunity to take in some spectactular views from many lookout points along the walking trails. It also features the unusual Moockra Tower Rock.

Yanyarrie Whim

The Yanyarrie Whim, is a large stone tank with a local slate trough built many years ago for watering stock. Later the Yanyarrie Whim became a significant watering hole for many drovers using the north-south route that passed through the district of Carrieton. The remains of the Whim can still be seen today.


The mural is over twelve metres long and is located on the Public toilets in Carrieton. Consisting of almost 900 hand sculptured and painted clay tiles weighing about one tonne, the mural depicts an array of European activities in the Carrieton area from the 1870s to present day.

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