Strategic Plan

Strategic & Community Plan

Strategic & Community Plan 2017-2022

The Council's Strategic Plan sets out to identify the issues that are critical to our community and to define a path to achieve our collective vision for the future

The 2017 to 2022 Strategic Plan proposes to pursue the development of economic strengths, population stability and growth, the provision and enhancement of infrastructure, the preservation, upgrade and maintenance of the environment, the provision of effective leadership in partnership with the community and the provision of high level community services

Within the framework of the Strategic Plan are targets and objectives that demand the application of resources on an annual basis

Tourism Master Plan

Tourism Master Plan 2020 - 2022

Tourism is an important part of the Orroroo Carrieton district economy, providing employment, vibrancy, and a range of businesses that would struggle to survive without tourist trade.

Orroroo sits on major national travel routes, the district has well-known attractions such as the Giant Red Gum, and its main street is active and engaging. Smaller townships in the district (e.g. Carrieton and Pekina) have untapped attractions, and the district benefits from the drawcard of successful Station Stay experiences such as Almerta, Bendleby and Horseshoe Range.

The district is well placed to expand tourism to provide economic diversity, additional jobs, and increased amenity for locals. This Tourism Master Plan provides a road map to guide the entire community in further development of the Orroroo Carrieton tourism sector.