A Clean Living experience' with growth and opportunities
in energy, mining services, and food production. 


Orroroo is located in the mid north of South Australia, approximately 3 hours’ drive north of Adelaide and one hour east of Port Augusta and intersects two major transport routes from the eastern states on Australia and Northern Territory and Western Australia. The region also boasts access to rail networks for the transport of goods to the North, East and West of the Country.

The District has two major towns Orroroo and Carrieton with smaller historical locations of Eurelia, Black Rock, Yatina, Pekina, Johnburgh and Belton. These were smaller farm townships originally surveyed in the 1800’s. The District of Orroroo Carrieton is situated at the base of the Flinders Ranges, and is a popular tourism destination for visitors as it has the unique charm and heritage for the 1880’s farm settlement. To the north of Orroroo lies Lake Eyre a vast inland (seasonal) lake which is a popular tourism destination because of its spectacular bird life.

Orroroo has a range of services that include a major hospital, health care and professional services, Secondary and Primary schools, Library, Aged Care facilities, a variety of community and culture associations, and sporting facilities/clubs that are well supported and extremely competitive.

The primary commerce in the region is the production of food / agricultural commodities including cereal production and cattle/sheep meat production, and wool production. These activities are conducted on relatively large holdings. The region produces a variety of crops for grain, silage and feed, including wheat, oats, barley, beans, oilseeds, legumes, chickpeas, lentils, lupins and hay. The predominant agricultural commodity is the production of food cereal grains, legumes, meat and wool.

The District is experiencing steady growth in food production, mining and engineering, solar and alternative energy production, tourism and aged care facilities. The Council is working with industry and government to ensure the opportunities for energy, mining services, food production and new business opportunities can be supported with sound planning and investment in regional infrastructure.

Council is planning to support growth and opportunities for a competitive food industry, and is supportive of the Australian Government National Food Plan. Our region has strong prospects in the short and long term to contribute to the National Food Production targets, given our agricultural land, regional water resource, farm technology, and easy access to road, rail and shipping transport networks.

The Council plans to build on its strengths in key growth commodities like beef, sheep and wheat production and new and emerging high intensive food production systems. To take advantage of these opportunities Council will work closely with our food producers, to ensure that we have new technology, skills to increase production, and the infrastructure to connect producers with consumers in the global market. 

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