Animal Control

Responsible Pet Owner

Owning a pet is great fun but also comes with great responsibility. There are only a few simple things that can be done to keep both your pet and neighbours happy.

  • Make sure that your property is entirely fence off to prevent your pet from wandering.
  • Ensure your pet is properly trained (were applicable) to avoid aggressive and boisterous behaviour
  • Ensure all vaccinations and worming schedules are adhered to
  • Always supervise young children around your pets.
  • Use a leash when you are out and dispose of any litter left by them in a public place
  • Make sure they are registered and identified so they can be returned if lost (Dogs only - Registration Costs)

Futher information on dog and cat management visit the website on http://www.dogsncats.asn.au/.

Locust/Grasshopper Reporting

All sighting of locust/Grasshopper must be reported to Primary Industries and Resources of South Australia (PIRSA) on 1300 666 010


Natural Resource Management Board

The Natural Resource Management Board is a State Government Program in which Australia has been divided into 56 Regions.

Our Region is called the Northern Yorke and Agricultural Natural Resource Management Board and covers an area of 3,780,000 hectares and comprises Yorke Peninsula, the Lower, Mid and Upper North, Southern Flinders Ranges. The region supports a population of over 100,000 people and encompasses 15 local government areas.

This board has the responsibility of maintaining the regions environment, in particular water contamination, pest, weeds and plant control.

All reports of any damaging environmental effluences or private works required please contact their office on 8658 1086 or visit them at 17 Second Street, Orroroo

Further information on the Natural Resource Management Board visit the website on http://www.nrm.gov.au.

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