Pekina4Pekina, about 16 kilometres to the south of Orroroo, has strong Irish Catholic roots. The immediate district being dubbed "Vatican Valley" For a more detailed history you can get the book, "No Place Like Pekina, a story of survival." by John Mannion.

Year before last Pekina was the site of an evening of revelry featuring local but by no means inferior talent, followed by a champagne breakfast atop a nearby hill called "The Hogshead".

Pekina2Here an appreciatively awed crowd was treated to a concert featuring James Morrison supported by his own quartet, as well as the Cabra school choir and Pembroke school band.

Proceeds were all donated to the Variety Club via local identity "Canoee" Catford. Pekina reached it's 125th anniversary this October, and was celebrated by various functions as well as a book launch.

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