Orroroo1Orroroo, a distinctly Australian place name, though it's origin is uncertain. It has also been credited with the meaning:- "Rendezvous of the magpie", after the ubiquitous, caroling bird of Australia. This idea has been taken up with one local business, a lovely little coffee shop named "Maggie's Rendezvous."

Orroroo perches on Goyders Line, a line drawn up by Surveyor General Goyder, defining, quite accurately, the boundary between areas of reasonable (by Australian standards) and minimal or marginal rainfall. It is a town of roughly a 800 residents nestled in the foothills of the Flinders Ranges.

Orroroo was the scene of an early irrigation scheme that formed with the damming of the Pekina Creek creating the Pekina reservoir. This water supplied irrigation to over fifty dairy farms, supplying products that won prizes in shows as far a-field as London, England. The Butter factory, though in a state of disrepair, still stands complete.

Orroroo2Orroroo had its own flour mill, several bakeries and carriage manufacturer. It was, and still is, a thriving community.

Orroroo, is still predominantly a farming community, the main products being wheat, wool, sheep, cattle, pigs and a highly successful kangaroo processor. Fledgling industries in the "pipeline" include olives, sandstone mining, tourism as well as new approaches to conventional farming.

Altogether, a great place to live or to come and visit, the country friendliness infuses the visitor with an appreciation of a different way of life.

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